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How SEO & PPC Can Help Build Your Email Marketing List http://internetmarketingza.com/how-seo-ppc-can-help-build-your-email-marketing-list?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-seo-ppc-can-help-build-your-email-marketing-list http://internetmarketingza.com/how-seo-ppc-can-help-build-your-email-marketing-list#comments Sun, 08 Apr 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=589 How SEO & PPC Can Help Build Your Email Marketing List and conversions.




Derek Edmond




Email marketing listWe all know the money's in the Email marketing list. Every good marketing campaign should have, as one of it's objectives, to extend the reach of it's Email marketing list. There are many ways of achieving this, amongst the more common methods are Email marketing.

I came across this fascinating article on using search to grow your Email marketing list even further.

Why B2B companies rely on their Email Marketing List

The biggest driver of leads for the B2B marketer? Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed by BtoB Magazine said email marketing was the online channel that contributed the most qualified leads to their businesses, according to a recent eMarketer article.


While social media and PPC (SEO was conspicuously missing from the survey) were also top lead sources, this type of logic rings true for many of the B2B organizations we work with as well. Website search presence undoubtedly brings lead opportunities into the sales funnel, but email invitations for more qualified content strategies such as webinars, events, and trade shows are likely to close the deal as well.

It’s difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. The eMarketer article indicates that 59 percent of those surveyed view lead generation as their greatest online marketing challenge. With that pressure in mind, it’s also difficult to move away from the strategies that continue to work well.

Instead of bucking the trend, B2B search engine marketers should work toward aligning their goals with what has worked well for their organizations. In this case, building the email marketing database.

Here are three practical steps tying SEO and PPC initiatives to the continued development of the email marketing list.

Make your Email marketing list Subscription a Conversion Benchmark

There are several potential metrics B2B marketers can use to benchmark an SEO program. While B2B organizations naturally gravitate to the desire to acquire sales ready leads, search engine marketers need to lead the effort in developing a spectrum of lead opportunities from an SEO program.

While email subscription will probably not lead to an immediately qualified sales prospect, setting goals in coordination with email acquisition sets the stage for more effective conversion attributionin SEO campaign evaluation.

Measurements to consider:

  • Growth in overall email information and the quality of email address details
  • Conversion rate of email acquisition at the page level and by keyword strategies

Create More Visibility to Email Subscriptions in Page Templates

Landing page optimization is a critical component of any search engine marketing initiative. Consider supporting primary conversion goals with an opportunity to acquire email subscriptions as well. Places B2B search engine marketers could consider optimizing for email as a secondary conversion include:

  • Below the primary form submission
  • In utility navigation
  • Confirmation page messaging

Places where email subscription could be considered a primary conversion opportunity include:

  • Blog and blog post navigational stream
  • Social media assets
  • As additional correspondence in email and traditional marketing collateral
  • Mobile applications

Contact AdWords About the Communication Extensions Beta


Not widely adopted and hard to find in terms of (ironic) communication, the AdWords communications extension beta could become another way to drive email registrations for the B2B organization.

Via this support thread on Google AdWords:

“Currently, the communication extentions are tested by the team on a small portion of selected accounts. However, if you’d like to participate in beta testings, you need to email/call the support team, provide details about your account and submit it. ”

There is a concern over the quality of email information users would put into such a form submission. While forum thread conversion indicated that “there has been a lot of great feedback from the advertisers who have been testing these features“, a recent interview in WebProNews from Aweber had not seen “a ton of traffic”, but they’ve learned a few things in the first month of adoption to improve usage over time.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; if approved set aside a subset of keywords or separate campaigns to testA few basic considerations:

  • Test ad position to determine maximum effectiveness
  • Evaluate competitive ads and offerings for specific keywords selected

Final Thoughts on the Email marketing list

The eMarketer article goes on to explain that even though aaaan Email marketing list is the top lead generation source, B2B marketers and agencies felt that social media in particular has room to grow for their organizations. Fifty-five percent of all organizations surveyed believe that social media showed great promise but was still in too early a stage in their marketing strategy to tell for certain. Only 5 percent of respondents described their social media efforts as “well-optimized,” compared with 30 percent who felt that way about their email programs.


With the influence social media will bring to search engine marketing programs over time, these findings make it much more of an imperative for B2B SEO’s in short- and long-term scenarios. Search engine marketers should seek to take the lead in social media but must also demonstrate clear tie-in to the current B2B internet marketing programs driving leads for the organization as well.

Don’t ignore online marketing channels that work and are trusted like email marketing. Build the case for SEO and PPC to support and enhance all channels of lead opportunity, existing and in development.

Read more…Email marketing lists

My Take: Although Email marketing trails channels such as Short Message Texting by a long way when it comes to views, there's no doubt that a well defined/ targeted Email marketing list generates qualified leads and eventually conversions.

More Reading

  • 15 Powerful Reconversion Opportunities for Your Welcome Emails
  • How to Use Email to Re-Engage Sleepy Subscribers

Email Marketing List

http://internetmarketingza.com/how-seo-ppc-can-help-build-your-email-marketing-list/feed 0
Cheap link building for effecftive SEO http://internetmarketingza.com/cheap-link-building-for-effecftive-seo?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=cheap-link-building-for-effecftive-seo http://internetmarketingza.com/cheap-link-building-for-effecftive-seo#comments Fri, 06 Apr 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=584 With a bit of effort you can have cheap link building for effecftive SEO working for you!

Rusted Chain Link & Iron Gate 

By no means does cheap link building for effecftive SEO and Internet Marketing mean that, after the latest Google slap, I'm even contemplating paying for backlinks. Although I guess some may consider any form of "link manipulation" black hat – Grey at best!

That's why this article in SEOMoz is so interesting and timeous.

Not everyone has massive budgets or time to invest in link building so this post is for all the people out there that need to find creative ways to get the highest ROI from any time they do invest in link building. I want to show you a process I use to get backlinks without spending all day sending outreach emails or building expensive infographics; I call this passive link building. This won’t suit everyone but it’s designed to help those that have just launched their website or one-man-bands. Not only do you get easy links but you also get tons of great content for your site.

This link building for effecftive SEO is built around two key points:


1.       It’s better to give than to receive.

2.       If you help someone out, they find it much harder to say no when you ask something from them.

Passive link building is about positioning you and your blog in a way that gets as many people as possible applying to guest post on your site. You can then be picky and pick the cream of the crop. The image below shows the process.

passive link building process

Even if you have a big budget you can still use this process to passively build relationships and link building. The process is outlined below and at the end I’ve got an extra tip that anyone who’s doing outreach should be doing right now.

Filling the funn​el

In order for this to work for link building for effecftive SEO, you need to be willing to accept guest posts. Don’t be afraid to accept guest posts. Apart from being an excellent way of keeping your blog updated with fresh content, this is the foundation of the passive link building process.

Be prepared to get a lot of email but just because someone asks or even sends you content doesn’t mean you are obliged to post it. Keep the quality and standards of the guest posts you publish very high. Not only does this mean you get better content on your site, it also sets the standard for other people wanting to guest post. Below are the methods I use to fill the funnel.

Have a Guest blogger page to help with your link building

People search the web all the time using advanced search queries such as:

keyword phrase intitle:guest post

keyword phrase inurl:guest post

You want to be found for searches like this so create a page that satisfies both these queries for your industry and you’ll get a bunch of people contacting you. When they get in touch ask to see other examples of articles they have written and have a look through their site to see if this is a site you would be happy to link to.

If all looks good, give them a brief with some guidelines on what you expect in order to publish the post. This would include things like minimum word count, if you expect images, possible titles and any other requirements you may have. If you want to see an example of this, John Doherty has a page on his personal blog for SEOs looking to guest post.

Sign up for Blogger Link Up

If you’ve not heard of Blogger link up it’s a free email service from Cathy Stucker (@CathyStucker) that’s usually delivered three times a week. There are 5 main sections to the email:

1.       Request Guest Posts

2.       Offer Guest Posts

3.       Request Sources for Interviews

4.       Offer Products for Review/Giveaway

5.       Announce Contests and Giveaways

They are pretty self-explanatory but most people who sign up for this are pretty selfish and only use it to find sites to guest post on; DON’T! Sign up for both sides of the service. Do some basic keyword research, find a bunch of long tail searches you want to rank for, make them into titles and ask people to write them for you. Not only do you get free content that you would need to write anyway, you also build relationships for life.

Remember you don’t need to post a guest post exactly how they send it, if you don’t think the style suits your site, work with the writer to edit it and come to an agreement that you are both happy with. Sign up for Blogger Link Up Here.

Sign up for My Blog Guest

If you haven’t heard of MBG, it’s a service that’s run by Ann Smarty (@seosmarty) that allows people to request or provide guest posts, sign up for both as per my recommendation for Blogger Link up. You can sign up for the service here http://myblogguest.com/

Get the Spammers involved in your link building for effecftive SEO programme!

Everyone hates spam and if you have a website or a blog I’m sure you get this type of email all the time

Dear Webmaster,

We are running a campaign to increase the Link Popularity of our website. We are looking for some good potential sites like yours.

I have reviewed your website and found that it holds value in my case. I request you to consider listing my URL under your resources section…….

Don’t just hit the trash button, remember not everyone is an SEO, some people just don’t know any better and have heard from a friend of a friend that exchanging links helps your website rank well in the search engines; give them a chance, I keep a spreadsheet with the domains of the people that contact me to exchange links then import them to a tool like Buzzstream. It will go off and gather key metrics like DA and PageRank which you can then use to filter the junk and email the good sites back with something like this:

Dear “Name”,

Thanks for getting in touch regarding exchanging links but it’s not our policy to exchange links with other sites. We do however accept quality guest posts from other webmasters, if you would like to write a piece of content on our blog you can link back to your site in the author’s bio area. Here are some suggested topics…………..

Sure you’ll never hear from the majority of those sites again, but it takes two seconds to do, and if they do accept your offer you can use them in the next stage of the plan; getting links to your site.

Action – Get Some Links!

At this stage in the process you still don’t have any links to your site. All you’ve been doing up until now is building out a list of webmasters that now owe you a favour. Now you need to convince those people to let you post on their site.

Social media makes this easy. When they post on your site, make sure you promote the post on social media, follow them on Twitter and Google plus. From now on you’re being their biggest fan, reply to a couple of their tweets comment on their blog and generally just be nice to them, you want to become a familiar name to them and build a real relationship.

Finally hit them up on email and ask to guest post, something like this usually works really well.

Hey “name”,

Since your post on my site I’ve been reading a lot of your content and it’s really good. Any chance I could repay the favour and write a guest post for your site? 

That’s it, don’t make it too long, keep it casual and finish with a question. I swear the success rate on this process is insane. Of course you’ll get the odd person that will say no or just ignore you but you haven’t lost anything and you got a good piece of content for your site out of it. But maybe you get some targeted backlinks to your site.

People don’t like to say no (hence ending the email with a question), especially when you’ve done them a favour by letting them post on your site.

My take: Time is money and I'd rather spend the time writing an article where I can place a contextual dofollow backlink, than chasing hours of blog commenting and follow up. Or, under the new Google Regime do you think this form of link building for effecftive SEO, is irrelevant?

…More at Using Passive Link Building to Build Links with No Budget

More Reading

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Optimizing your images for SEO ranking in the SERP’s. http://internetmarketingza.com/optimizing-your-images-for-seo-ranking-in-the-serps?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=optimizing-your-images-for-seo-ranking-in-the-serps http://internetmarketingza.com/optimizing-your-images-for-seo-ranking-in-the-serps#comments Thu, 05 Apr 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=580 How do you go about optimizing your images for SEO ranking in the SERP's.

We all know that Optimizing your images for SEO ranking is important to gaining good rankings in the SERP's.But "alt img" tags are ussually about as far as most of us go.

But here's an interesting article on some aspects of optimizing your images for SEO that I've never really thouight about.

Images have been published on web pages for nearly 20 years but the search engines have continued to give greater placement to images on the search engine results pages (SERPs). This may come from the fact that Facebook receives nearly 250 million picture uploads daily and Pinterest reaches 50 million blog post mentions.

Take these two examples from Bing and Google respectively:

Bing four wheelers images

Google four wheelers images SEO optimized

As you can see below, these image blocks are listed among web page listings, paid ads, navigational links, shopping listings, maps listings to local ATV shops, and other media formats. When the search engines correctly anticipate user intent, by including images, these draw the users eye; and their clicks by nearly 200%.

Images SEO optimized for Bing SERPs

So how do you give yourself the best probability of ranking images when the search engines decide to display images within the SERPs? Like all things in search engine optimization, there are several factors that play into your rankability. It’s more difficult to encourage the search engines to include image blocks because user intent plays more into this than can be influenced from basic image optimization. Images that attract many links and/or embeds, or pins on Pinterest, as well as those displayed on highly credible sites have a great ranking advantage.

Images SEO Ranking Factors

  • Keywords in filename
  • Keywords in alt text
  • Keywords in URL of image
  • Keywords in content near image
  • Strength of page(s) containing image
  • Links
  • Embeds (republished images)
  • +1/Shares/Tweets/Embeds
  • Color & image size
  • CTR from SERPs
  • Category & Tags
  • Speed & consistency of interest
  • Image sitemaps

Google allows for image sitemaps to be uploaded. It’s still unclear whether Bing has this ability today but they’re working on video sitemaps according to Bing Webmaster Tools. By submitting your images through a sitemap, you’re telling the search engines exactly where to find your images as well as include meta data about each image as you can see below from Google.

Google Image Sitemap Example

Types of Images that can be optimized for SEO ranking

Below is a short list of some different image types but there are countless images that attract interest including promotional materials and humorous memes.

  • Products
  • Resources
  • Statistics
  • Leaks
  • Cross promotions
  • Infographics
  • Events
  • Screenshot (demo)

Obviously, product images have been online for nearly 20 years but most are not optimized in a way that gives the online store any visibility. Attributes most lacking on product images include photo quality, size, suggestions to link/share/embed, captions, promotional messaging, uniqueness, and images that are interesting.

My take: Although it's obvious that optimization is the name of the game, I often wonder whether by giving relevance to optimizing your images for SEO ranking we're not overdoing the spirit of SEO?

http://internetmarketingza.com/optimizing-your-images-for-seo-ranking-in-the-serps/feed 0
Social networking for internet marketing in 2012 http://internetmarketingza.com/social-networking-for-internet-marketing-in-2012?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=social-networking-for-internet-marketing-in-2012 http://internetmarketingza.com/social-networking-for-internet-marketing-in-2012#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2012 06:31:53 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=572 With the advent of internet, the whole concept of marketing and advertising has changed. And with the web technologies evolving and changing Social networkingconstantly, it is no surprise to see the trends in internet marketing tools changing as well. For one to run their online business successfully and maintain a competitive edge, it is very essential to get aware on what’s happening around the latest technologies, in particular social networking, taking place regarding marketing online.

How to use social networking for internet marketing

The latest buzzword in the realm of internet marketing is social networking. If you are still not making use of this strategy, then there is a good chance that you are in a minority and leaving a major portion of your potential customers and visitors out in the cold. Social networking media can help one look for the best place to buy gold bullion or get to the most trusted internet casino site!

The leading businesses understand very well that social networking has become the norm for both individuals and businesses. They know how to make use of the colossal amount of personal information stored on these social networking sites and how to use that to target the right customers. Now they can make their business reach deeper and to the right people, rather than knocking on the wrong doors. These strategies of internet marketing help you to know your customers on a personal level and understand them better. At least you will know what interest them and do the rightful to get them interested enough to visit your website. You will get more visitors to your sites and end up boosting your business.

What are the best social networks for internet marketing.

The big shots like Twitter and Facebook will rule the roost in 2012, but one must also watch out for Google Plus. The new social networking sites ar getting more advanced and specialized. The users can promote their presence around one particular interest, but you will have to wait for some time till these networks develop some more. For example, if looking for casinos that offer the highest payouts, you will know which group to join. You can either lead the charge or play within the current social networking context. In internet marketing One should also not ignore SEO services that are getting more and more specialized and targeted towards for today's environment so as to give more hits to your site. If you are promoting legal online gambling at your site, seo services will help your potential visitors find you fast.

http://internetmarketingza.com/social-networking-for-internet-marketing-in-2012/feed 0
Tips to get Targeted backlinks to Your Site http://internetmarketingza.com/tips-to-get-targeted-backlinks-to-your-site?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=tips-to-get-targeted-backlinks-to-your-site http://internetmarketingza.com/tips-to-get-targeted-backlinks-to-your-site#comments Thu, 08 Dec 2011 08:20:14 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=557 Backlinks are recognized by Google as being a sign of popularity and authority and as such are used to Rank the page. Quality backlinks are difficult to find – especially relevant KW.  Obvious sources are from Blog commenting, Posting to forums, social networks and bookmarking.

If you have a blog or website, quality backlinksare one of the main resources you need. You can't succeed with your website without targeted traffic, and unless you want to pay for your traffic you have to rank highly in the search engines to get it. Backlinks are essential if you want to get search engine traffic, as this is one of the main things that the search engines look for. In order to get traffic in the long run, you have to constantly get backlinks, even once you've achieved a high ranking, or you could end up losing it.

If you want an easy source of links that the search engines count, make sure to make use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. Because the top search engines are always crawling these type of sites, they are among the best places to leave your links if you want lasting results. These sites, however, are very strict about spamming and ban people who are caught doing it, so be careful how you use them.

You're better off all around if you use these sites in a legitimate and constructive way, as then you'll be networking and building your brand as well as getting links. Press releases work for backlinking because a published and distributed release will become syndicated by hundreds of targeted news sites in little time. On top of that each time someone publishes your press release on their site you gain a backlink. This is a great way to take advantage of the online press release distribution channels for building backlinks. Give away value with your press releases to make it worth linking to.

Use Squidoo/HubPages: There are many sites where you can post content and build pages, these two are the best that you can trust to give you worthy backlinks. By simply creating your own pages on these sites, you'll be able to put your text in anchor text and create a valuable backlink. In summary, from the above article we can clearly see that building targeted backlinksto your site is all about taking the right approach and putting in regular efforts to grow your incoming links. Remember, the more effort you will put into creating your backlinks, the more popular your site will grow in the search engines.

And of course you want to look for high value edu and gov backlinks. Google wants to see a wide variety of backlinks pointing to your site.
With the introduction of G+ Google has made it’s intentions clear that they will be placing an ever increasing value on backlinks from social sites … and Mobile. This makes good sense and any backlink SEO will be well advised to pay attention to social network KW.


http://internetmarketingza.com/tips-to-get-targeted-backlinks-to-your-site/feed 0
How to use Facebook business pages to boost sales. http://internetmarketingza.com/how-to-use-facebook-business-pages-to-boost-sales?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-to-use-facebook-business-pages-to-boost-sales http://internetmarketingza.com/how-to-use-facebook-business-pages-to-boost-sales#comments Sun, 27 Nov 2011 07:44:37 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=551 With more than 800Mio Facebook subscribers, every marketer on the globe is wondering how to use Facebook for business to generate sales. Everyone seems to have their own brand of Facebook marketing secrets that they swear by. Truth is there are probably many approaches that all work. One thing's for sure you HAVE to have a Facebook business page.

Increase sales using Facebook business pagesThis is great for entrepreneurs, considering that they can get a lot of targeted traffic from Facebook which means increased revenue for them. Therefore , if you are also an entrepreneur, you should also consider creating a Facebook business page to promote and sell your products successfully.

Once you have created your Facebook business page, you can easily post your status updates and messages so that your fans can see them. You can also have videos and upload photos of your products. Just remember to edit your privacy settings. Ensure that you set it so that everybody can see what you post instead of just the people who “Like” your fan page.

Besides these, you should also create a page that is enticing to any visitor who would be interested to check out your page. This is important because people want to see a page that is interesting and captivating enough for them to click that “Like” button. Ensure that you incorporate your brand image, make your info page interesting and Facebook users who are keen on what you have to offer will want to be a part of it.

Another great idea for you to promote your Facebook page is to optimize it by using “Facebook status tagging”. This way, it can go viral as other Facebook users will also be able to see your marketing message and they might “like” your page as well . However, make sure that you only tag the relevant pages or people.

You can also tag your page over at community pages. You will be able to access millions of targeted customers who might be interested in your page. And this means excellent exposure for your business.

It is also advisable for you to have your own administrator for your Facebook business page. This is to ensure that you have someone handling the necessary support or answer queries from fans if you can't do it yourself . It is not a good idea just to leave your page unattended for a long period of time because a lot of your Facebook fans will, eventually go to other similar pages if you don’t regularly update the messages and marketing promotions on your page.

Take into account that a strong online presence is essential . This is achieved by having good and constant interaction with your clients so that they will be more receptive to what you are advertising. You can put up messages that are inspiring, hilarious or even shocking. For sure , you will attract a  lot of visitors to your page resulting in more targeted visitors.

You can also host contests on your page. This is a great way to get your fans to draw more new prospects to your fan page and at the same time, they get prizes.

Always keep in mind that creating your own fan page on Facebook is a terrific idea for your business. It’s extremely popular and many Facebook users can become your targeted traffic. In the end, you will make more money and your brand name will also benefit. Hence, start creating your Facebook fan page for your business now and be profitable.

If you’d prefer a customized professional Facebook business page go and have a look at our Internet marketing tools and resources for business: designs that will wow your customers.

http://internetmarketingza.com/how-to-use-facebook-business-pages-to-boost-sales/feed 0
Where to get a mobile version of your website? http://internetmarketingza.com/where-to-get-a-mobile-version-of-your-website?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=where-to-get-a-mobile-version-of-your-website http://internetmarketingza.com/where-to-get-a-mobile-version-of-your-website#comments Mon, 31 Oct 2011 14:48:45 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=529

Your website really looks great, and you’re getting good traffic, so why do you need a mobile version of your website?


With a growing number of people browsing the Web from their Mobiles this revenue source is set to be the next big trend? And with that in mind, have you had a look at your web site on a mobile?  Is this what you see?



Normal website on mobile

Even worse – if you’ve got a web site built on flash – this is what your customer gets:

Flash website on iPhone

How much fun would you have trying to decipher the information on, what was, a good web site? More importantly if you were a customer would you persevere: or move on to a ‘site that you could read? Stats show that if someone doesn’t find what they’re looking for within 4 seconds – they move on. Even worse, they’re unlikely to return: Even when they get home to their home PC!

Imagine these scenario’s:

If you’re broken down on the road, you probably don’t have a towing service on speed dial. And you surely won’t have access to your home computer. But you do have a phone, and the first thing you’re going to do with that phone is Google for a towing service. 
If you’re the one with the best mobile version of your website website you’ll win. 

The same is true for a locksmith and even electricians and plumbers. If your pipes burst or your power dies in your home and you’re a smart phone owner, you probably don’t take the time to run to your computer.  Instead you whip out the phone in your pocket and try to find the first result you can for a plumber or an electrician.

When you order a pizza for delivery, how do you do it? Over the phone! 
Real estate agents can give virtual tours of their property listings through a mobile website. This is much better than a Mickey Mouse flier that ends up in the trash.

If you have any of the following types of businesses, then you definitely need a mobile website:

  • Locksmith
  • Towing 
  • Taxis
  • Chinese/Pizza/Food Delivery
  • Spas/ Salons
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Bars/Pubs/Night Clubs
  • Golf Courses
  • Car dealerships
  • Massage Services
  • Veterinarians
  • Air Conditioning/Heating
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Real Estate Agents

So does that mean you have to redesign your existing ‘site to promote your website to best effect? Not at all! I can create a mobile version of your website that is parallel to your existing one, but delivers information targeted at mobile users and the small screens they view information on.

Do you now need a new address specifically for mobile site users? Unlike .mobi sites, the customer searches on your normal address; but once the script detects that the search is coming from a Mobi, it automatically re-directs them to your new mobile site!

Mobile version of your website

On the mobile version of your website you’re able to create hard hitting pertinent information. The browser, typically, has an array of icons which guide them to the information they’re looking for. The type of information you’d typically offer would be:

  • Home: Some marketing information on the business and the services and products.
  • About us: Services and products; or history, qualifications and awards.
  • FAQ: This is a great way to create a sales funnel by answering likely questions up-front.
  • Testimonials: Good customer experiences
  • Contact us: Here you can use a simple Contact form, which is easy to navigate from a small keypad.
  • Special offers: You can also have an Icon leading to your product range, or specials.
  • Location: Here you can have a nifty Google map, so that the customer can find you, wallet-in-hand, without ever having to look anywhere else, but your mobile website!

In this age of total customer inter-activity, you have to leverage every opportunity to give the customer a positive experience. Your opposition is… can you afford not to?
The development of the mobile version of your website is quite straight forward:

  • You tell me what web information you want to appear
  • You provide me with the relevant information
  • I create a mobile version of your website
  • I supply your webmaster with a small piece of code, and instructions of how to install this (This is for the re-direct to the mobile version of your website)

If you’d like to see how this works, go to my homepage; or if you have a Smartphone just focus on this tag,

w3 Internet Marketing Tag

to be taken to the mobile version of your website. (Hint: using Tags or QR Codes on your website is a great way of enticing customers)
I’ve also prepared a short video demonstrating how your customer would navigate the mobile version of your website.

For more information on setting up a mobile version of your website, please fill in the form on the right side of the page, and I’ll contact you. (Please leave a brief description of the info you are interested in.) Or feel free to contact Peter on: +27(83) 304 2007.


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Optimizing Google Places for a better SERP listing. http://internetmarketingza.com/optimizing-your-company-website-for-google-places?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=optimizing-your-company-website-for-google-places http://internetmarketingza.com/optimizing-your-company-website-for-google-places#comments Sun, 16 Oct 2011 17:40:52 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=451

An online presence is acknowledged as very important for any local business’ marketing outcome – in actual fact it’s critical to any business’ survival and progress. The easiest and cheapest way of doing this is to get listed in Google Places. But to fully gain from this you have to Optimize Google Places for a improved SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) listing.

Optimize Google Places for a better SERP listing.One of the finest SEO optimization marketing tools you could use to optimize Google Places listings is to ensure you get local reviews. When you get reviews on Google Local you get the gold stars next to your business name. These reviews are vital to optimize Google Places listings. This can produce extra traffic to your website page, and put you directly in front of the likely customers that will search for a local business like yours in the specific area you are working in.

So, the question remains, how do you get these reviews on Google Local? It really is not all that problematical – much easier than customary website SEO optimization; you simply have to make a procedure that helps your business save customer opinion. You can use a form you send through email or even give directly to your local customers. If someone purchases a product or uses your service getting a review should be something you do anyhow. Don’t overlook to repay your customer for his review – an eBook makes a great gift.

Local reviews provide evidence to would-be customers who use your keyword for your service or website in the search engine, that you are an authority in the field you are working in and it can help them make the decision to choose your business over another. It simply takes five reviews before the stars will appear next to your listing on Google. Don't go out and try to get five reviews today because, for SEO, you want it to look like the reviews are coming in naturally.

Basically implementing some type of routine to capture reviews from every customer will help you to get the five reviews you need to help optimize Google Places listings. You certainly want to get as many reviews as possible for a couple reasons: One, having numerous reviews will help you to form a solid reputation. Two, the more reviews you have the less a mediocre or even bad review will hurt you when new people search the Web.

If you have 100 reviews and one of them is for only 2 stars it will not decrease your star rating nearly as fast as if you only have 10 reviews and one of them is for 2 stars. The more reviews you get the less a inferior review will affect you, and as you know, they do happen. You cannot please everybody all the time, and from time to time you are going to get a less than perfect review. A tip here: You must have a smart plan in place to deal with complaints. Don’t overlook them or try and block them. Attend to them!
It’s not that tricky to optimize your Google Local Search. But remember, although SEO is significant, your business is in the real world, and reviews are not primarily there to optimize Google places listing – they’re actually a link to your clients and service levels.

Get an adequate amount of reviews to get the stars next to your business name and you will speedily optimize Google Places listings for your business. Plus, having gold stars next to your name will help you stand out when other listed businesses, don't have these stars.

If you're new to the Web and don’t have a Google Places listing, or if you’d like someone to optimize Google Places to get your business higher up the page, just fill in the contact form, or drop me an e-mail.

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What is the SSL Facebook security update in October 2011? http://internetmarketingza.com/what-is-the-ssl-facebook-security-update-in-october-2011?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=what-is-the-ssl-facebook-security-update-in-october-2011 http://internetmarketingza.com/what-is-the-ssl-facebook-security-update-in-october-2011#comments Tue, 27 Sep 2011 05:47:00 +0000 http://internetmarketingza.com/?p=397 After having experienced several embarrassing security issues, our beloved Facebook has come up with another of its game changing updates, scheduled for October 2011. They now leave you no option as to whether you use a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection to your account. From 1 October 2011 you might not see the business Tab of your account on Facebook, if it’s not drawn into FB via a secure HTTPS upper domain. This all sounds fine, if a little vague, but what is the SSL Facebook security update in October 2011?

If you use a Facebook for business account, your business fanpages are hybrid pages. Part of the page – the two sidebars and the header, are from FB: The main window, however, comes from outside Facebook. If this part of the page is not available through an https connection, users want to browse FB through a secure setting won't be allowed to see the page. In terms of a business, this would be devastating, especially as people become more and more sensitive about security and privacy on the web, and who they share information with.

So how do you test to see if you’ll be affected by the October 2011 SSL Facebook security update? Just follow these steps:

  • Log into your FB Account.
  • Select “Account settings”.

Account settings for SSL Facebook security update

  • From here select “Security”.

Security settings for SSL Facebook security update

  • Go to “secure Browsing”.
  • Select “Edit”.
  • Enable “Secure Browsing”.

SSL Facebook security update

  • Return to the accounts menu and select “Use Facebook as page”.
  • Select the Business page you want to test.

Apply SSL Facebook security update

  • In the Left Side-bar select the relevant Tab. (The one that opens your page application).

Select the tab for SSL Facebook security update

  • If you receive this warning you have not used a SSL to import your content and the SSL Facebook security update will leave you with no content in your business page, so people won't be able to see your content.

If your SSL Facebook security update is not correct

OK, so you now know you still have to fix your FB business pages before 1 October 2011.

You have to fix the SSL Facebook security update before 1 October or risk not being able to share your services or products with people searching for your business. Although the steps sound fairly simple it’s best left to someone that knows what they’re doing. A mistake carrying out the updates could render your FB pages unusable; or even worse, you could loose your Company website!

There are basically three steps to take to fix a business's fanpage for the SSL Facebook security update:
1)    Obtain the secure SSL certificate.
Here you have several options; from the possibility that you already have a certificate that merely needs to be activated (Depending your hosting company, this could be included with your account, or you may be able to share a SSL) to the other extreme where you purchase a dedicated certificate.
2)    Once you have this you need to change your URL setting’s to reflect the secure (Https) domain. This will vary depending on which host/ CMS platform you are using.
3)    Modify the App that powers the fanpage within FB so that it can access the https URL you created.

Re-test your FB site to make sure the SSL Facebook security update has been successful.

Facebook is a different (Some might say a difficult) animal, but with over 750 Mio users you can’t ignore the importance of doing business, using FB.

If you need someone to carry out the SSL Facebook security update or you’d like to use Facebook to promote your business (or even sell product), please fill in the contact form (And receive your free bonus) and I’ll get back to you.

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